About Us

Alliance Biomedica Pvt Ltd., was started in 1999 by two young entrepreneurs with a combined experience of twenty five years in the field of Bio-medical Engineering.  Their vision was to make top-of-the-line health care equipment available to the entire gamut of the medical community from top end super-speciality hospitals, Institutes, research centers to tertiary care centers and stand-alone clinics.

Alliance Biomedica provides high quality training to the end users on an on-going basis, thereby ensuring optimal usage of the system.  We make certain that the system delivers results in accordance with global standards, by providing periodic calibration, training and continual after-sales support. The customer rationale in investing in such high-quality products is more than justified by optimal usage and negligible downtime of these systems.

Our vision is to continuously strive to bring the latest innovations and affordable solutions in the fields of Neurology, Neuro-surgery, Audiology, Opthalmology and allied fields to cater to the medical community. 

We at Alliance Biomedica are committed to the global concern for a greener environment.  To this end we encourage and help our customers by providing high-end network solutions to pave the way for a paper-less environment, thereby reducing carbon footprint.